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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  July 22, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> this is news4 at 11:00. >> we have now run out of time. >> following two big stories for
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you tonight. first a display of emotion from president as debt talks with republicans break down. record-setting heat and we have a hot weekend ahead. and good evening, i'm wendy rieger. jim and doreen have the night off. the temperatures that continue to smother our area are not letting go. >> we had a little buiit in the way of cooler temperatures. they have gone back up as we made our way through the night hours. as we think how hot things have been. high temperature of 105 degrees. the old record was 98 so we shattered that. bwi up to 106 today.
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102 that record not a record breaker setback in 1926 amazing how hot it got out there. heat index of 97. cooler to the north and west. shower activity and rain to the north and west. will it help to cool things down? the forecast coming up. >> we are following breaking news out of virginia tonight. a sipsychiatrist has been shot d killed. the killer? a patient. the 8600 block of mcklain. >> this took place in a see included wooded residential a a area. police were called there at 4:15 tonight. we received notice from police
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around 10:00 tonight. we don't have a lot of information. we can tell you that police were called there for a report of gunshots. officers located the bodies of two people on the premises. the man was identified of a resident of the home. they say the woman who is dead and who apparently shot him is 62 years old and they believe she turned the gun on her self. police not identifying the psychiatrist this evening. they believe at 4:15 this evening. the 62-year-old woman entered the home and shot him and shot herself. the area still blocked off this apparent murder suicide. >> thank you jackie. tonight a collapse of the debt
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negotiations on the hill. talks were broken off. saying he tried to slip in $400 billion in tax hikes. the president is ordering congressional leaders to the white house tomorrow. steve handlesman has the new developments. >> republicans deciding they can't pass any tax hikes. >> if that is their only answer, then, it is going to be pretty difficult for us to figure out where to go. >> earlier the deal coming together to avoidfault and cure the sick budget. >> we have to cut back on what you are getting you have to pay a little more. >> tonight looking grim, house
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speaker complained that barack obama can't be trusted. >> the white house moved the goal post. there was an agreement on revenues until yesterday when the president demanded $400 billion more. >> mr. obama slammed him for walking away. >> this was a fair deal. if it was unbalanced, it was unbalanced in the direction of not enough revenue. he is calling in leaders tomorrow to avoid fdefault. >> senate majority leader reid and nancy pelosi are expected to attend the meeting at the white house. >> harry thomas is agreeing to repay $300,000 in city funds.
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that lawsuit accused thomas of using that money on personal luxury items. he neither denies or admits wrong doing and is still subject to criminal vision. there is a push to bring quiet to one of dc's biggest night life spots where business owners and residents have complained about mights and partying. with more on what is being done to crack down on the nice. >> there have been allegations. they say the police are outnumbered here. we address the concerns tonight with the commander here as they launched the operation. >> back up. move, move!
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>> last weekend, news4 documented the late night street life a party district that some described out-of-control. it is a new life here. dangerous. >> for years, they have clam orred for police to combat light terring that take place on the strip. they are getting what they have been asking for. >> if we are able to get what we ask for, i'm not going to second guess why the leaders took that decision. i'm pleased that they do >> they are launching the operation. >> year to date, we have had 182 arrests. we are making arrests out here. we want to make the area safe and want people to enjoy
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themselves. police say they are going to target underaged drinking. jacob is the commander of the third district. we are going to get them a cab or transport them to detox. >> some say police have been reluctant to make arrests. they are hoping place will go after the crimes and push out people who are causing crimes here. >> they hang out here all night until 4:00 or 5:00 until the bars are closed at 3:00. >> the commander tells me with the additional resource that is are being brought here, there will be double the number of officers here for the time being. reporting live from adams morgan. back to you. >> thank you. >> still to come tonight, new developments in those deadly
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attacks. 80 people have been killed we'll have the latest. the should down of a government agency may put thousands out of work. why will this benefit airline
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at least 90 deaths are connected to today's attacks in norway. police are comparing this home grown terrorist to timothy mcvey. they say he is 32 years old and acted alone when he set off bombs at government buildings in oslow and then went to a political youth camp. at least 80 people at that camp most of them teens were killed. the 13 year old son of arnold s.s swartzenagger and maria shriver was injured. both issued a joint statement
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saying quote chris is a brave boy and is expected to make a full recovery. robert mckale owns the store in great falls and place say they began investigating after a woman told them she gave him her ring to be cleaned and got back a piece of glass. police got another complaint in june. he was arrested shortly after that. still to come, borders draws a crowd when they given a sell off with big deals. and the rain brought in cooler weather but is it here
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a busy day at borders in arlingt arlington. the company began liquidating at it's stores. the store declared bankruptcy but there is still a chance that
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30 to 35 stores will be purchased by books a million. the move could save 1500 jobs at borders. doctors in georgia say they are stunned over a patient who stopped breathing for 20 minutes last spring. an emergency room doctor said his heart stopped beating in the ambulance all vital signs showed that he was dead for 20 minutes. they say that what happened next is hard to explain. >> that is when i told him that i loved him. you can't leave me and i walked out. >> and the monitor was beep, beep we got his rhythm back. >> i don't know why.
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>> it is a good thing. i got to see my grand kids grow up. >> durham was in a coma for six days before they woke him up. >> queen elizabeth does not appear to be pleased with the former kate middleton's wedding dress. >> horrible. dreadful. >> the queen could be heard calling it dreadful. the dress was on a headless mannequin with the vail suspended. she explained it is for a 3d effect. it will be on display starting tomorrow. >> little creepy with the head thing. >> they loved the dress.
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>> and it was kind of nice out there tonight for a bit. it was a summer evening. >> we had dew points in the 80s. tonight, a little bit better. we are still dealing with the heat index near 100 degrees and it does feel better. you can see further in the atmosphere tonight. not quite as muggy out there. but that is going to change again today during the day tomorrow. temperatures right back to where they were today at least a little bit lori think. 102 at the airport. the low this morning 83. that is a record high low temperature for the day. 105 the high temperature. and bwi at 106. still at 91 degrees. heat index at 97.
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dew point at 70. but still 97 at 11:00 at night that is hot. 82 in martinsburg but look at the heat index over 100 to the south. 104 and we did see some docooli this afternoon. rain moved through to help to cool areas down this afternoon. nothing around the area but to the west big time rain around the morgantown area. it is trying to push to the east. at least not tonight. tomorrow they are going to watch a frontal system. here is the rain. it can't get over the mountains i think we will stay dry overnight. hazy, hot, humid, here comes the frontal groundry tomorrow afternoon. maybe strong storms again and a
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better chance on sunday. temperatures should be low that 100 degree mark. everybody has a good chance of seeing shower activity. h humid and uncomfortable. tomorrow afternoon right back up there again. 96 to 100. it will be storms possible during the afternoon as we make our way through the next couple of days, 97 on sunday. feeling better. 40% chance of showers and thunderstorms. monday and tuesday dropping down to where we can say okay not too bad in the month of july. 90 on tuesday as things dry out. tuesday is looking like a good day. wednesday looking nice and i think the heat returns coming up on friday back to 98 degrees. one more really hot day tomorrow.
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i love this guy. >> i love this guy. >> cooling off with the ice. >> thank you. >> well it is hard to play dead in this heat. but the festivities to commemorate the civil war will go on as planned. the outdoor programs had to be cancelled today because of the heat. but everything is open tomorrow. all the events will go as scheduled. the site of the famous battle of bull run. >> stay with news4 for continuing coverage of the heat warning. join the conversation on twitter. >> when we continue, a fight and in sports the national's pitcher proves to be a threat on the
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no one wants to do a deal. obama and the republicans. the nfl, nobody wants to do anything. >> no deal yet we'll see. a game has been cancelled. the august 7th hall-of-fame game between the bears and the rams not going to happen. the nfl owners approved a new collective bargaining agreement. if they don't accept the deal by tuesday.
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end quote. now to action on the field. nationals were on fire dpfighti their way back but the second half of the season hasn't been as kind. washington has lost four of six games and the road trip continued on the west coast returning to dodger's stadium tonight. micha michael moors pulls one down and he scores one on the double. nats 1-0. on the mound john lanon had the
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good stuff working. breaking pitch falls off the table. couldn't catch up to that one. struck out two in the bottom of the first inning. he helps out his own cause. check that out. the easy stroke and that ball is getting out of here. he had his first home run of his career. two-run shot. dugout, they love it up. check it out. the silent treatment. and then they finally give them some love. nats are up 3-0. this one is still going on in the first. hot night out there, not the angels, they didn't get any love. they had the upper hand. hunt hunter, shot out to right field
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1-0. comes into score. that makes it 2-0 angels. with the bases loaded that was not coming back. kevin greg serves up the grand slam they beat the orioles 6-1. you are missing the best team in town, the castles are the second in world team tennis history the finish the regular season 14 and 0. it is all about performing in the playoffs. head coach trying to guide his squad past the boston lobsters. stubs with the overhead slam. bakes the slam and he will dial up the smooth operator. they win their set 5-2. they were forced over time.
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he will serve it up. he comes up with the swinging volley here. he throws up the lobe and he rips the backhand across court. they lead the lobsters 23-15. he win the championship and advance to the finals. they will play the winner of the aces. the championship is on sunday. >> i love that it is as hot as it is here. >> i would be nice to have a championship team here in washington. >> it would be different for us. >> still to come. ♪
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part of the federal aviation administration is shutting down at midnight. congress has not been able to agree on a bill that would extend the authority. the partial faa shut down is not expected to impact the actual flig flight.
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>> a business venture by donald trump is under investigation. they say last year nearly 500 trees and shrubs were cleared along the trump national golf course in sterling, virginia. the district is looking to see if this added to the pollution along the
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are you good with ducks? come on you know if you are. a memphis hotel is looking for a duck master at the peabody hotel. this job requires you to take care of the five fame ducks. the ducks have been a famous attraction for 78 years. there you go. >> the tonight show is next. have a good one. and intern


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